The serenity and beauty of a winter residency along the shores of the Emerald Coast is ideal for nurturing the craft of writing.  As a powerful collective voice, the works of our distinguished writers have been recognized by leading cultural and literary organizations, honors and awards throughout our country and across the world.


Michael Armstrong
Karen Auvinen
Vanessa Blakeslee
Renee Cinderhouse
Loretta Cobb
Ann Darby
Judith Dupre
Hartford Gongaware
Nina de Gramont
Peter Donahue
Tony Earley
Kim Edwards
Alicia Erian
Sohrab Homi Fracis
Eric Gansworth
Thom Gossum, Jr.
Daphne Kalotay
Billie Livingston
Nancy Lord

David Magee
Myra McLarey
Scott Morris
Lyndsey Ogle
Bobbie Pyron
Wendy Reed
Roger Reid
Lee Reilly
Robin Romm
Heather Sellers
Rita Silvan
Michael Sledge
Dhiru Thadani
Annie Ward
Brad Watson
Rebecca Wells
Diane Ott Whealy