The gift of time & the power of place...

Our artists describe Escape to Create as a profound contribution to their creative life and work. While the heart of every residency is the gift of time and place, Seaside and neighboring coastal towns along Scenic Highway 30A are an ideal setting for this unique creative retreat.

“I knew this time would be helpful, but it has been magical. I found inspiration everywhere...the place itself gives creativity.”

- Elizabeth Elkins + Vanessa Olivarez, Granville Automatic

“To be welcomed into a community that embraces artists and wants us to succeed... and to reconnect with nature in a meaningful way has been invaluable.”

- Cheryl Toh, visual artist

“I can truly say that E2C and Seaside helped build me into the artist I am today. Thank you, E2C and Seaside."

- Jenny Krasner, visual artist

The white sandy beaches of Northwest Florida are the stunning backdrop to the picturesque walking community of Seaside. Gracious cottage accommodations support full immersion in work with the Gulf of Mexico a constant source of inspiration, reflection, and renewal. Time slows while walking or biking along miles of scenic coastal paths. Round table dinners, enjoyed in the ambiance of a private home, are a favorite weekly tradition among “Escapees.” Architecturally distinct venues provide intimate settings for showcasing the creative work of our artists. These and many other gifts from our community create an unforgettable multi-disciplinary creative retreat.

Escape to Create is dedicated to supporting the creative endeavors of our artists in a vibrant community setting. After 27 seasons, our objectives remain unchanged:

  • To foster the creation of work that transforms, teaches, and inspires.

  • To provide an environment that supports our artists’ creative goals.

  • To advance the role of artists in community life.

Two multi-disciplinary sessions are open to professional artists and scholars working in literary, music and theatre arts; visual, multi-media and interdisciplinary arts; scholars of architecture, history, and environmental and cultural studies. Escape to Create has special interest in supporting the work of emerging to mid-career artists and scholars.

Escape to Create offers an environment ideally suited to total immersion in the creative process and ample opportunity for dialogue and exchange with fellow artists and the community at large. Artist accommodations are made possible through the generous donation of private housing. Creative processes must be adaptable to this unique residential setting. If you have any question about the suitability of your process or materials, please contact us at before starting your application.

2020 Application Process…

Only complete applications are reviewed and ranked by a panel of distinguished Escape To Create Alums representing each discipline. Their recommendations are made on the strength of three one-page proposals: Project, Performance, and Educational Outreach. A selection committee awards residencies based on recommendations of the Alum Panel. Notifications are emailed to all applicants in August.

Application must include the following:

1. 2020 Application Form

Application Form must be complete.

2. Cover Letter

The Cover Letter introduces you to the jurors and informs them about what you are seeking through a residency experience. Limited to a single page, it can include statements on why you have selected Escape to Create, mention of any prior residency experience, a brief artist’s statement, etc.

3. Project Proposal

The Project Proposal describes the work you will be undertaking, what you hope to accomplish, and any specific outcome(s) you expect. E2C does not own laptops or other professional/technical equipment other than pianos. Please indicate other requirements such as work tables; task lighting; printer, etc. The REP Theatre provides audiovisual and technical support.

4. Performance Proposal

As a contribution to the community, artists are required to submit a performance proposal. Examples of recent presentations appear on our Escape to Create facebook page and on this website (See PERFORMANCE). Artist presentations are often produced in partnership with The Seaside REPertory Theatre, Northwest Florida's premier community theatre. Located in downtown Seaside, the 75-seat black box theatre offers equipment and technical support for quality screenings of film, video, PowerPoint presentations, and music performance. Any admission charge or suggested donations defray production costs and underwrite residency expense.

5. Educational Outreach Proposal

We recognize that artists are not necessarily teachers; however, the need is so great in our underserved county schools we require this important contribution. Educational Outreach can be satisfied with a single classroom visit to a student body presentation (average 50 minutes); a visit to an school program (up to 2 hours); readings/performance at local library, etc. Recent examples appear on Escape to Create facebook page and in the bios of our 2018 fellows (see ARTISTS).

6. References

Two letters of reference are required for each application. When submitting application, list here the names and contact information of the two references who will send letters on your behalf. Actual letters must be sent directly from your supporters to as a PDF attachment. The Subject field must be addressed as: YOUR NAME, REFERENCE.

7. Resume or CV

Resume or cv should substantiate your professional and creative work. Email this document to with the Subject field: YOUR NAME, RESUME.

8. Work Samples

YOUR NAME, DISCIPLINE must appear in the upper right corner of every page on submitted documents. Email your information to with Subject field YOUR NAME, WORK SAMPLES:

Writers of fiction, non-fiction, film, theatre and scholarship: Submit one complete chapter or short story or no more than 30 numbered, double spaced pages. Please provide a brief description explaining the context of the sample.

Poets: Submit 10 poems not to exceed 30 numbered double-spaced pages. Provide a brief description of how the selected samples represent your work.

Visual artists: Submit 10 High Resolution PDF or JPEG images no larger than 1,000 pixels on the longest side of each sample and no files larger than 1MB. Each sample should be numbered and identified by YOUR NAME, TITLE, MEDIUM, and SIZE.

Performance and video art: Provide a link to your work sample that is no longer than 15 minutes with comments limited to one page. Subject line: YOUR NAME, WORK SAMPLE

Music Composition: Provide a link to music samples no longer that 15 minutes total with explanatory comments limited to one page. Subject line: YOUR NAME, WORK SAMPLE

9. Processing Fee

A non-refundable $35 Processing Fee is payable on this website - simply click on the gold button Donate below.

Please note E2C will not process applications or materials sent through the mail. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.