2019 Artists: Session II


Jean Fineberg

Composer Jean Fineberg is a national figure in the arena of jazz and popular music. Her worldwide career in tenor sax, flute and drums includes performance with David Bowie, Luther Vandross, Bo Diddly, and many others. Her compositions have been performed at the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, Grammy Foundation and at major jazz festivals in the U.S., South America and Europe. Her numerous awards include ASCAP honors and a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Fellowship. Fineberg is a charter faculty member at the California Jazz Conservatory (formerly Jazzschool) at Berkley, CA where she is also director of annual jazz and blues camps for women and girls. She is a charter member of the Montclair Women’s Big Band which has recorded many of her compositions. During her residency, Fineberg will compose, arrange and orchestrate new works for a 2019 album written for her ensemble JAZZphoria. The composer will present video of her big band and octet performances and will conduct a jazz clinic for area band students.


Kathleen Raymond

Painter and printmaker Kathleen Raymond has been an innovative art instructor in Dallas area high schools and colleges for over twenty years. Her creative honors include a fellowship award in Painting and Works on Paper from the Mid-America Arts Alliance/National Endowment for the Arts and a grant from the Teacher Institute in Contemporary Art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Raymond has been awarded residencies at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and the Nantucket School of Design & the Arts. During her Seaside residency, Raymond will create new works that capture the unique beauty of the Emerald Coast and will be exhibited in an E2C community salon. Raymond will conduct a drawing and printmaking workshop for county high school students and offers to help area students in their preparation of AP and college admissions portfolios.


Linda McRae

Since her 2015 Escape To Create Residency, singer songwriter Linda McRae has gained an international following as teacher and performer of unforgettable melodies and thought provoking lyrics. Originally from Canada and now of Nashville, McRae was the 2016 British Columbia Entertainment Hall of Fame Pioneer Inductee and was winner of the 2017 Boston Family Folk Chorale Songwriting Competition for her song, Be The Light. Performed a cappella in the dark at The REP Theatre in 2015, McRae was later invited to perform the song with a one hundred member choir and full orchestra as part of the BC Hall of Fame’s concert series. Performing on banjo, guitar and accordion, McRae’s skilled musicianship, deeply satisfying voice evocative of a mature Patsy Cline and refreshing acoustic style will once again be center-stage at The REP as Escape To Create’s annual “Valentine To 30A” concert. McRae’s teaching, an integral part of her career, has also expanded from international music festivals to her Express Yourself workshops with prison populations across North America. In addition to her creative goal of writing songs for her next album, McRae will conduct her Express Yourself workshop benefitting troubled students in county schools.


Lavina Roberts

Lavinia Roberts is a NYC theater teacher and award-winning playwright. Over forty of her plays for young people have been published and her works have been presented throughout the U.S. and internationally. Roberts is also a visual artist, a puppet designer working in both film and theatre, and is author of two theatre education resource books for children. Her plays, written for both traditional and experimental theatre, explore themes of types of privilege, environmentalism, and humanism. Her full-length play Poor People, a free stage adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s masterpiece Poor Folk, was featured in the 2015 New York City International Fringe Festival. While in Seaside, Roberts will develop a new play inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. Through the perspective of Odysseus’ wife Penelope, Weave explores the experience of women during wartime and their role in re-humanizing population, helping heal physical and moral injury and learning to love again. The REP Theatre will give a reading of the script and plans for a reading of one of Roberts’ plays written for young people, scheduled for publication in 2019.


Tomica Scavina

Tomica Scavina is a writer, educator and psychologist living in Zagreb, Croatia. She has written works of fiction, children's books and a book of poetry, each of which has garnered literary honors in her country. Her second novel Kaleidoscope World was translated into English and is available on Amazon. Scavina also writes radio dramas for children (“Tamer of the Clouds”) and stories based on her travels as a writer for Croatian National Radio (“Wandering in Sound”). In addition to her private practice, Scavina lectures at the Vern University of Applied Sciences in Zagreb where she teaches a course in the psychology of creativity. She also teaches "Beyond Writing," a workshop on the interface between creativity and psychology at the Zagreb Center for Creative Writing. While in Seaside, Tomica plans to complete her third novel Healing Dictionary which is based on her experiences as a teenager during the 1991-1995 war in Croatia.